GISAT @ Media

GISAT @ Media

GISATians has been in the media right from the inception of the college. The student projects has been remarkable such that they were presented in many leading newspapers and television channels. Some of them are listed below

1. Vehicle which uses air as fuel

Developed by mechanical engineering students of 2010-2015 batch, this project was indeed an eye catcher to several national exhibitions. It was developed by Sunjo K Varghese, Tino K Thampi, Sebastian, Vishnu under the guidance of Mr. Premjith, Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering

2. Alcohol Detection using mobile phone

This android app was created as part of the final year project of computer science students of 2011-2016 batch. This app can detect the amount of alcohol consumed by a person by using the concept of horizontal gaze nystagmus (HNG) which is a feature of human eye. It can be captured through any mobile camera and the video footage when added to the app can detect the presence of alcohol consumption. This project was also presented in many exhibitions and has won prizes. The project was developed by Devi Manoj, Nithyamol K S and Lia Chandran under the guidance of Ms. Anu John, Assistant Professor, Dept of Computer Science & Engineering